Band with no name, songs without titles

During the weekend that was, the Clay Station was visited by familiar faces again. No strangers, and no strangers to Scandinavian hardcore at all. I was asked to record five to six tracks, which became eight and by the time they left they had nailed 13 d-beating assaults to the hard disk. Mixing and mastering awaits and whenever there’s a name, some titles and some artwork this’ll be out on

“Could we have everything louder than everything else?”.

As some of you know these are the words of Ian Gillan, and to a studio engineer they ring more true than ever. There are many tools for producing really LOUD recordings these days and it has become a problem that everything wants to be louder than everything else. A Loudness war!

And did you know that there is now a law on loudness in commercials in the US called the CALM Act, and a recommendation from the European Broadcasting Union called R128 that talks about the “permitted maximum level of audio signals”? Where is it going to end? Lemmy behind bars? Not sure, but I guarantee Communichaos will fight bravely in the Loudness war!


Vrak visited the Clay Station to record four great tracks. I may be able to post a preview here once it’s mixed and done.

Wrecks under cherry blossoms: Martin; Anton; Josefin and Micke.
The logistics are ever as important in Rock'n'Roll.
Tools of the trade
Pirates at the ship wreck.